The First Step Towards Higher 
CRE Commissions In 2024
Join the exclusive National CRE Broker RAMP UP Challenge for a comprehensive assessment and roadmap to unlock your full potential for next year
The markets don't stand still - and neither can you. To maximize success in 2024, it's time to thoroughly analyze your brokerage business and kick your growth into high gear.

Welcome to the RAMP UP Challenge - a 5-day, one hour a day, live coaching intensive for seasoned brokers ready to relentlessly improve.

There is no tool on the market like the Massimo R.A.M.P. UP CRE Broker Assessment Platform.
And we want as many committed CRE professionals to engage in this program as possible... we are offering it for only $100.  

Start Date:

This 5-Day, live coaching challenge - via Zoom - will start on Tuesday, December 5th, 2023 and finish on Saturday, December 9th, 2023.

Tuesday, December 5th: Call start time 1pm EST

Wednesday, December 6th: Call start time 1pm EST

Thursday, December 7th: Call start time 1pm EST

Friday, December 8th: Call start time 1pm EST

Saturday, December 9th: Call start time 1pm EST

Calls will be held at 1pm EST, and all calls will be recorded.  

We haven’t priced a program at this price point since our first year of operations - 2008!

NOTE: This challenge is not for any one who is new to the business! You must have at least 2 years of experience, and as much as 40 years of experience to enroll.

This challenge will provide you with:

  • An in-depth assessment of your prospecting, marketing, operations, platforms, and time management. 
  • ​We'll pinpoint untapped opportunities and strengths.
  • ​Recommendations and action plans to address gaps for exponential growth. 
  • ​Live daily coaching sessions discuss insights and strategies. 
You will walk away with a clear blueprint for attacking 2024!

We distilled the exclusive frameworks, techniques and wisdom from over 1,000 hours of coaching elite performers across the globe into this intensive.

Now it's your turn to benefit.

All our top producing Massimo Client complete the same RAMP UP Challenge as the first step of their coaching journey.

And these journeys have lead to great results. 

In fact Massimo Group coaching clients consistently out-earn their CRE broker peers by 7X!

Here are a sample of client experiences, all whom started with 
the R.A.M.P. UP Challenge

I have more than 10X my income.

- Jared Husmann, Katalyst CRE

​I became the #1 producer in the world in for my firm.

- Cindy Hill, KW Commercial

​I am on track to #X my income.

- Brian Lueng, LL CRE Group

I quadrupled my income!

- Allen Buchanan, Lee & Associates

 I am going to double the revenue this year! And my pipeline is full for next year.

- Devin Ogden, Colliers

RAMP UP is available to only a limited number of brokers - so act now! 

Hit the button below to learn more and reserve your spot.


And as a bonus, we will provide you with free access to our Massimobile CRE production platform from the time you register, until the end of the 2023.

Massimobile gives you access to the most comprehensive collection of CRE-specific resources to build, grow and run your business more effectively.

With our proprietary toolset, you'll get the clarity, confidence and capabilities to make smarter decisions that drive results.
Our robust platform includes:
  • Personalized pipeline reporting to both track and forecast deals and hit your goals
  • Automated quarterly progress reporting to showcase your progress
  • Exclusive business planning templates to strategically grow
  • 400+ video lessons covering every aspect of your CRE business
  • AI bot for roleplaying, to best prepare you for every meeting and phone call
  • AI bot for navigating the comprehensive resource library
  • AI bot / virtual coach trained on all four of Rod Santomassimo’s best-selling books
  • Interviews with rainmakers on success mindsets and tactics
  • Access to your entire CRE business in the plam of your hand. 
  • Access to an exclusive community of like-minde CRE professionals
  • And much more!
Imagine how much better you will be positioned for higher commissions with the National CRE Broker RAMP UP Challenge and these bonus, targeted tools.

You'll gain the clarity and capabilities to confidently elevate your business.

Let's make 2024 your best CRE year yet.

Why You Need to Attend:

  • Stay ahead of the curve in the constantly evolving CRE industry
  • Properly implement ChatGPT into your daily business activities
  • Gain all the benefits of other AI
  • ​Focus on the most important tasks
    for growth
  • Learn from our expert team and special guest speakers
Don't fall behind your competition; sign up now to join the ChatGPT for CRE Coaching Program! Spaces are limited, and registration will close soon.
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