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How to Win Privately-Owned Multifamily exclusive Listings
in this Ultra-Competitive Market


In today’s market, multifamily properties are realizing historically high valuations and are selling at a record pace.
So, you should try and win as many listings as you can for these properties, right?
Yes, but there is a problem…
Many assets are selling directly, owners are refusing to sell, and still, more and more multifamily brokers are losing out on listing opportunities.
That is why we are excited to announce The Massimo Multifamily Listing Masterclass!
For the first-time ever we are offering a recording of our sold-out program to the public, to put you in a position to win more Multifamily Exclusive listings and have the confidence to command higher fees!
During the live masterclass we worked for over 9 ½ hours and have edited these sessions to provide you access to 15 high-impact video recordings of the live masterclass, along with an associated workbook.
These recordings will give you access to several of our proprietary Massimo MethodsTM which our Massimo Members have invested heavily to create the business and life they desire.
The Massimo Group is North America’s premier commercial real estate coaching organization and has the honor of working with 1,000’s of CRE professionals in assisting them in building their personal professional business, and life they always desired.
In fact, in 2020, a pandemic year, more Massimo Members (our coaching clients) earned 7 figures than any year before!
The Massimo Group’s Founder, Rod Santomassimo, has over 30 years of CRE experience and is not only the creator of the Massimo MethodsTM, but is also a 3X Best Selling Author of some of the industry’s’ most influential books and has been published in numerous national periodicals.
Rod will share specific actions for you to implement immediately that will greatly increase your ability to win more exclusive listings. He will share our latest prospecting approaches, value creation campaigns and how to specifically frame your offering so it will resonate directly with the private multi-family owner.

“Without the Massimo Group coaching team, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thus far this year, I have earned nearly 6 times more and still have a full pipeline with even more quality opportunities.
Stasiu S. Geleszinski, Managing Director | Capstone Apartment Partners Cincinnati, OH

This Massimo Multifamily Listing 
Masterclass includes:


VIDEO 1: Introduction and Multifamily Market Update - Rod Santomassimo, the founder of the Massimo Group will outline how to get the most out of this program, as well as provide a national review of the multifamily market and share with you how you can use this information to position yourself as a resource in the market.


VIDEO 2: Your Avatar – Identifying Your Perfect Prospect – While all private owners of multifamily owners have similar concerns, it is vital you understand the specific story of the prospect you are pursuing. After this session you will understand how to best determine who is your perfect prospect and how to develop a prospecting plan that will grab their attention.


VIDEO 3: Massimo Matrix – Prospect Map - The keys to attracting and securing private owner exclusive opportunities is to demonstrate to your prospect that you understand their world, their objectives, and their challenges. Our Massimo Matrix Prospect Map will show you how to quicky identify the objectives and challenges of all decision makers, and those that influence them.


VIDEO 4: Content Creator Cheat Codes – Prospecting becomes much easier when your target audience recognizes you, and even more effective when they trust you. Being recognized and building trust is much more attainable today than ever before. We will show you how create content that will resonate with your prospects and increase the probabilities of standing out from your competition.


VIDEO 5: Top Producer Panel #1 – Hear from 6 of the Top Producing Multifamily Brokers in the country share who they prospect, how they work their day and specific advice they have for winning listings today.
The information is so valuable, that we needed to divide these brokers into 2 panels.

Top Produce Panel #1 consists of:
  • Bob Knakal – As the Chairman of New York City Investment Sales for JLL, Bob is one of the most successful multi-family brokers in the world. His record of success includes, closing on over $18 Billion of investment sales, selling his former brokerage company for a reported $100 million and the recipient of more awards and recognition than we could list.
  • Mark Jensen – This Salt Lake City based Colliers EVP immerses himself in everything multi-family and has built and incredible resume of client success. Mark has sold over 5,000 apartment units in the past ten years. In the last 24 months alone, Mark and his team completed 51 transactions totaling over $280 million in sales value. In addition, his team has consistently completed over 50 percent of the brokered apartment transactions in Utah over the last four years.
  • Todd Franks – Over the past 20+ years, this Executive Managing Director of Greystone ISG in Dallas Texas, has facilitated the development, redevelopment, disposition, acquisition, and repositioning of hundreds of A, B, and C – Class multi-family and commercial assets (totaling more than $1,700,000,000), in the Dallas/Fort Worth market as well as secondary and tertiary markets across North Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. When Todd left his previous firm in 2014, he was acknowledged as the all-time top produce.


VIDEO 6: Creating Your Opening Statement – Now that you have identified your perfect prospect, identified their key issues, and developed a content plan to enhance your presence, it is time to call. We will share with you exactly how to frame your initial thoughts so you will earn the right to extend the conversation from your prospect.
“When I started with the Massimo Group, I was pursuing 2 and 4-unit apartment complexes, hoping one day to list a double-digit unit building. Last week I secured a listing for a $19.6 million, 136 - unit apartment building!”  
Confidential listing secured by Massimo Group coaching client - West Coast –


VIDEO 7: Resonating Value Proposition Blueprint – Why should a private owner work with you, and why now? What is the value to them, not you, of investing time with you and ultimately working with you? In this session we will outline how you can craft a value proposition that will capture your prospects’ attention.


VIDEO 8: Top Producer Panel #2 – It is time to secure some more amazing insights from our Top Producer Panel #2. This panel includes:
  • Beau Beery – Founder of Beery Multi-Family Advisors in Gainesville, FL, Beau is one of the country’s greatest tertiary treasures. Beau knows multi-family investment sales and dominates his market. Before starting his own firm earlier this year, he was consistently ranked as the #1 multifamily producer in Florida for the Coldwell Banker Commercial brand and among the Top 5 in the nation every year before starting his own private multifamily brokerage firm in 2021.
  • ​Cindy Hill – Working from her Keller Williams Commercial office in Los Angeles, Cindy was once again KW Commercial’s #1 producer in the country in 2020. In fact, she was their #2 producer in the world! This multi-family market maven commands her prospects attention and her prospect’s respect. Cindy has completed over 310 successful sales and over one billion dollars of properties sold.
  • ​Greg Frick – Greg is co-founder of the investment firm HFO out of Portland, Oregon, and brings more than 30 years of multifamily investment sales and advisory experience. Since its founding 22 years ago, the HFO team has closed transactions involving more than 35-thousand apartment units valued at more than $4.2 billion, including more than $1.2 billion by Greg.


VIDEO 9: Solution Circles Structure – The problem with most brokers is they position themselves as a commodity, not advisors or resources. They offer the same solutions as all their competitors. In this session, Rod will share with you how to take a closer look at what you truly have to offer to be unique and stick out.


VIDEO 10: Experience Circles Structure – As you will hear during the Top Producer panels, one of the key elements of their success is how they create an experience with their clients. What experience do you create? During this session Rod will outline exactly who you can create and present the experience the prospect will have when (not if) working with you.


VIDEO 11: Results Circles Structure – Having a wonderful experience should create remarkable results, both explicit and implicit. Let’s face it, every single private owner you work with wants to maximize two things. Their income, and their outcomes. In this session Rod will demonstrate how you can create a presentation that represents the expected results of working with you.


VIDEO 12: Positioning Yourself as an Expert – As you will hear in the 2 Top Producer Panels, there is a significant difference between being a broker and being a respected resource.  Top producers maintain an advisory position that has a magnetic effect to clients. Rod will share the common thread of creating an expert position on your market.


VIDEO 13: Objections – Your ability to navigate objections is the difference of a pathetic pipeline and a robust commission flow. Massimo Groups’ Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Gallegos, MCR, will address how you can deflect some of the most common objections you will hear from multifamily owners today.


VIDEO 14: Objection Roleplay - Watch Rod, and his Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Gallegos, MCR, will roleplay objections with live program attendees, giving you additional strategies of how to address key objections and navigate a phone call to a prospect meeting.


VIDEO 15: Review – Rod will summarize and share with you all the content, strategies and approaches shared during this Multifamily Listing Masterclass and reinforce the foundation for you to start wining more listings immediately.
Are you READY TO win more exclusive listings and have the confidence to command higher fees?
  • It is time to stop doing non-exclusive buyer representation.
  • ​It is time to stop cutting your fees to win a listing.
  • It is time to stop competing and start defeating everyone else in your market
  • ​Imagine how many more listings you will secure when you implement what you learn at the Massimo Multifamily Listing Masterclass.
  • ​Imagine how much more income you will earn when you implement what you learn at the Massimo Multifamily Listing Masterclass.
  • ​Imagine the impact on your business. Imagine the impact on your life!

"As I look back at the incredible success we have had in the past 2 years, I am incredibly grateful for everything my Massimo Group coach has done for me. Together we have restructured my team, my presentation, and my time and the results speak for themselves.”
James Devincenti, Executive Vice President | Multi-Family Investment Group at Colliers International
The Massimo Multifamily Listings Masterclass will put you in position to win more listings and have the confidence to command higher fees!

Massimo Clients invest significantly to access these strategies,
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Multi-Family Listing Masterclass
Learn directly from industry experts 
  • How to position yourself to win more listings
  • The prospecting approaches that are working in the market today.
  • ​How to specifically frame your offering so it will resonate directly with the private multi-family owner.
  • ​How to confidently command higher fees.

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#4) Monthly Ask the Coach Call – hosted by one of Massimo’s 35 certified coaches

#5) Monthly Roundtable with Rod – speak directly with our founder – Rod will share his insights on additional ways to grow your business

Ask Yourself

  • How many more meetings will you secure with these proven prospecting approaches
  • What will be the impact on your business when you learn to differentiate your offer and yourself from your competition?
  • ​How to many more listings will you win with all these approaches and support?
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The Massimo Multifamily Listing Masterclass Recording
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Get access to all 15 videos, including not 1, but 2 top producer panels, Massimo’s proprietary coaching methods and the 60 days of additional content and support all for only:

ONLY $997
Multi-Family Listing Masterclass
Learn directly from industry experts 
  • How to position yourself to win more listings
  • The prospecting approaches that are working in the market today.
  • ​How to specifically frame your offering so it will resonate directly with the private multi-family owner.
  • ​How to confidently command higher fees.


Each of our Massimo Members has a different goal and vision, and each has been able to create a business they always imagined they could

Whitney Tharaldson - ELITE Member of the Year
Steven Rowe - N2B Member of the Year
Mason Fiascone - CRE Accelerator Member of the Year
Mark Bratton - ELITE Member of the Year
Bob Knakal - JLL
Mike Milano - Colliers International
Alex Ruggieri - SVN
Beau Beery - Beau Beery Multifamily Advisors
Allen Buchanan - SIOR, Lee & Associates
Brian Mulvaney - SIOR and CCIM
Andy Misiaveg - The Shopping Center Group
Tim Anderson - Royal Lepage Commerical
Jared Husman - The Katalyst Team
Katie McIntyre - Operation 22 Elite
Brian Bern - Franklin Street
Brian Holt - Southpace
Flo Meadows - NAI Latter & Blum
Mark Hay - KW Commercial
Richard Vaaler - Vaaler Commercial Real Estate 
Steve Kirby - Kirby Properties 
Dennis Baker - Coldwell Banker Commercial The Legacy Group  
Carmine Padula - Carmine Padula Multifamily 
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