Finally Build The Business And Life You Desire

Be the Solution For Your Clients & Prospects:

  • Learn How To Protect Your Business's Cashflow 
  • ​Generate A Pool Of New Prospects
  • Deploy A Proven Referral Strategy
  • ​Provide Value That Creates Opportunity
  • ​Leverage Productivity Hacks For Home Offices 
The Massimo Success Systems
Evaluating Your Business's Financial Health
Leveraging Your Inactive Clients
Operating and Running a Remote Office
Productivity Hacks for Your Home Office
Creating Your Recession Growth Plan
Creating Strategic Workflows to Fill Your Pipeline
12 Years of Proven Results


Massimo Members

$15 Billion

In Transaction Value in 2019


Average Gross Commission Income in 2019

Your Recession-Proof Coaching

We teach you the proprietary Massimo Methods™ that give you almost everything you need to succeed in today's market. The ONE thing we cannot provide is the hunger to be the best... that comes from within you.

We support you throughout this program with daily interaction on our exclusive online community and multiple live coaching calls every week.

Success Levers
Gain clarity on the top 2-3 Success Levers that will drive your business
Pipeline Tool
Get an instant snapshot on the health of your business with the pipeline tracker
Productivity Training
Ensure the most important tasks are accomplished and learn to delegate the rest
Your #1 Prospects
Identify your highest quality prospects who are ready to work with you today
Referral Strategies
Build your business with a recession-proof referral strategy
Pipeline Management
Segment your pipeline so you spend your time, energy, and focus on the right deals
Get Paid Daily
Identify the high impact priorities that will ensure you get paid every day
Business Fundamentals
Identify your client avatar and the problems that you will be paid handsomely to solve
Value Proposition
Nail down the value proposition that will grab your prospects' attention
Marketing Strategies
Earn top-of-mind real estate with the key influencers in your market
Content Creation
Quickly map out the content that will resonate with your prospects
LinkedIn Training
Get up-to-date LinkedIn strategies to generate sales calls and in-person meetings
Prospecting Strategies
Identify the prospecting strategies that are best suited for your natural strengths
Sales Framework
Learn the ethical sales strategies to turn prospects into clients
Business Operations
Create a lean business with cash-producing systems and processes
Meet the Founder of Massimo
Rod Santomassimo
Rod built the Massimo Group into a multi-million dollar business after the Great Recession. And for the last 12 years, he has meticulously tested new strategies that are designed to work in both good times and bad.

These methods have helped more than 2,700 Independent Contractors out-earn their industry peers by 7X. 

The Massimo client results are a testament to Rod's effective coaching system and broad knowledge of how to succeed in an ever-changing market. 
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6 Key Success Systems 
  • Emerging Leader (Manager) Coaching
  • Operating and Running an Office Effectively
  • ​Evaluating Your Business’s Current Worth
  • ​Creating Your Succession Plan
  • ​Assessing and Managing Talent
  • ​Strategic Planning
It's incredibly expensive to try to spin all the plates 
of producing deals while simultaneously recruiting, hiring, and coaching someone to deal with the internal issues of the office.
What if you could keep your independence and tap into the leadership resources of corporate brokerages?
We understand starting your own commercial real estate brokerage for the autonomy and independence. But now, your autonomy is holding you back... 

Imagine if you had...
  • An easy-to-read manual with policies and procedures for office complications
  • A system for troubleshooting bottlenecks in your company 
  • ​A leader who pacifies interpersonal conflicts in the office

It's relatively easy to hire brokers and administrative assistants. But it's almost impossible to hire an effective leader who understands you and your culture.

That's why we created a proven formula to develop an in-house leader for your independent commercial real estate brokerage.

We use this formula to develop your in-house leader who... 
  • ​Understands your culture
  • ​Shares your goals
  • Inspires your team
  • Holds individuals accountable 
  • ​Handles your daily operations