Welcome to the ChatGPT for CRE Coaching Program!
As a commercial real estate broker, you understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve and adapting to new technologies. With the emergence of artificial intelligence, particularly ChatGPT, it's more important than ever to stay ahead of the game.

Now it's time to take the next step and apply these incredible new technologies to your business. That's where our coaching program comes in

What You'll Learn:

  • Establishing Your Voice within ChatGPT
  • Creating Your Authentic Bio
  • ​Creating Your Ideal Avatar for ChatGPT
  • ​Understanding how to create Powerful Prompts
  • Creating presence campaigns
  • ​Building prospecting campaigns based on your ideal client
  • ​Creating internal brokerage processes and standardizing practices
  • ​New changes as they come along
  • ​Multiple additional sources for prompts and AI to help your CRE business grow
  • ​And so much more

Your Coach:

The program will be facilitated by Rod Santomassimo CCIM, founder of the Massimo Group. The Massimo Group is the world's commercial real estate brokerage industry’s #1 coaching organization. Coaching over 4,000 of your peers over the last 15 years, our clients consistently out earn their peers by 7X.

Rod has quickly become the “go to authority” for all things ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence and specifically how it applies to growing a commercial real estate brokerage business.

Start Date:

This 5-part, live coaching program - via Zoom - will start on Tuesday, April 11, 2023. The program has the following cadence:

Tuesday, April 11: Establishing your voice within ChatGPT, Creating your bio.

Thursday, April 13: Identifying your ideal client, Understanding the Power of Prompts - including an interactive ChatGPT for CRE prompt generator.

Tuesday, April 18: Creating presence campaigns, With specific attention-grabbing prompts that will get you noticed and set you up as an authority in your market.

Thursday, April 20: Prospecting campaigns, including building campaigns based on your ideal client and their needs. 

Thursday, April 27: Creating internal brokerage processes, Looking at the essential practices of your personal brokerage.

Calls will be held at 2 pm EDT, and all calls will be recorded.  


Program participants will have access to a private community to ask questions and share progress. And see how their CRE peers are applying what they learned.


The investment for this program, including:

    • All the Content, 
    • All the Coaching, and
    • Access to the Community, 

Is only $1,000 - per person for this career-changing program. 

This is a small investment for the knowledge and skills you'll gain and the benefits you'll see for your business.


Participants will get free access to Massimo Group's Proprietary Platform - Massimobile - thru the end of the program.

Massimobile provides the industry's best CRE business planning tools, plus
A 150-piece video library to help you grow your personal CRE Business.
What some of our members have said about 
the chatGPT for CRE Program
“In our competitive commercial real estate world, we’re always looking for “The Edge”. Rarely have I found such things, until The Massimo Group introduced us to ChatGPT for CRE. 

After only 3 weeks, I’m harnessing this amazing system to create a new and impressive professional bio, emails that truly attract attention, proposals, and must-read subject headings.” 

- David Liebman, SIOR JD - Managing Broker Merit Partners, LLC

“The newest buzz on the technology front is Open AI’s new ChatGPT. This was not even on my radar until my forward-thinking coaching organization – the Massimo Group – mentioned it in a call in January. Clearly, I was curious as I enjoy tools that assist my efficiency. 

I was thrilled when Rod offered his five-part program with all things chat and AI tools and their potential application to CRE. We are three sessions in, and the course has exceeded my expectations – which is no surprise. Everything Rod touches is gold!"

- Allen Buchanan, SIOR and Principal of Lee & Associates

"Massimo's ChatGPT program is one of the best investments I've made in my brokerage business to date. Learning a new skill is always very gratifying. 

It is helping me develop new marketing pieces that are beyond my own creativity, dramatically reduces the time allotment for various tasks and helps differentiate myself from the competition. 

The progression is exponential and I am constantly thinking of other ways to leverage it in my business."

- Chris Drzyzga Voit Real Estate Services

"Hands down this is the most jaw dropping, shaking my head, freaking me out material I have ever come across. This is no silver bullet. In our industry, we are all looking for the tool or tools that will make our life easier. I have to say this is the holy grail. What Rod has carefully crafted in this course, would take a week if you were holed up somewhere with no interruptions."

- Jim Fitzgerald

"This course is Money!
Rod, This has been AWESOME. The Prospecting Playbook prompts and the Process Prompts are worth the price of admission BY THEMSELVES. 

I am starting up a new brokerage firm, and this program has given me everything I need to create all the content I need. The only problem is now I have NO EXCUSES for not being uber-successful. Congrats to Rod and his team!"

- Tim Strange, SIOR and CCIM

"Massimo has done it again with an amazing, informative, and eye-opening Chat GPT training program. 

This has been a 5-star experience, drinking from a "firehouse" process. Still, the information, tools, lessons, activities, and exposure to what is possible with Chat & AI is not yet calculable, but certainly exciting. 

I have and will be incorporating this into my CRE practice going forward. You're missing the bus if you are not on the bus with AI and Chat. 

I'd encourage you to sign up for this seminar; you will not be disappointed. Cheers to great info and opportunity."

- Cameron Jones

"This course will give us the opportunity to get a head start on our competition in the technology race in servicing our customers."

- Mike Porterfield

"Rod’s Chat GPT education is a must-take course for any commercial real estate professional looking to stay 3 steps ahead of the competition!"

- Jeff Hoffman

"Thanks to your program I now leverage ChatGPT for all written documents that leave our shop.

Marketing, presentations, letters, recruiting, and job descriptions, I even used it this week to refine some policies in our firm's playbook."

- Phil Flischer

"This is just mind blowing how quickly everything can be created. This program has helped me create a years worth of specifically tailored work in a few short weeks. There are no excuses but to succeed now."

- Ben

"Was beyond valuable and worth every minute and dollar."

- Nick Bentley

"This program shows you how to rise from Good to Great!"

- Kellie Hill

"Mind-blowing and revolutionary! The future is here!"

- Ron Waldbaum

"Extremely insightful program! Great investment for efficiency."

- Kyle Vizzo

"Worth the Money, Worth the time. On the trip to 10x."

- Burt Rhodes

Why You Need to Attend:

  • Stay ahead of the curve in the constantly evolving CRE industry
  • Properly implement ChatGPT into your daily business activities
  • Gain all the benefits of other AI
  • ​Focus on the most important tasks
    for growth
  • Learn from our expert team and special guest speakers
Don't fall behind your competition; sign up now to join the ChatGPT for CRE Coaching Program! Spaces are limited, and registration will close soon.
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