The One-Line Value Proposition™

The better way to grab your prospect’s attention and position yourself as the  authority in a commoditized market place.

The One-Line Value Proposition™ Will Teach You 5 Things:

1. How to earn the right of the conversation with more prospects.

2. The ability to secure more meetings.

3. The ability to differentiate yourself from other brokers.

4. The confidence to make more calls.

5. The clarity to know what to say when the prospect picks up.
In this PDF and Training, I’ll go through every step of the One-Line Value Proposition™ and teach the better way to grab your prospect’s attention, articulate a value proposition that will increase your chances of earning a conversation, and ultimately a meeting.
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6 Key Success Systems 
  • Emerging Leader (Manager) Coaching
  • Operating and Running an Office Effectively
  • ​Evaluating Your Business’s Current Worth
  • ​Creating Your Succession Plan
  • ​Assessing and Managing Talent
  • ​Strategic Planning
It's incredibly expensive to try to spin all the plates 
of producing deals while simultaneously recruiting, hiring, and coaching someone to deal with the internal issues of the office.
What if you could keep your independence and tap into the leadership resources of corporate brokerages?
We understand starting your own commercial real estate brokerage for the autonomy and independence. But now, your autonomy is holding you back... 

Imagine if you had...
  • An easy-to-read manual with policies and procedures for office complications
  • A system for troubleshooting bottlenecks in your company 
  • ​A leader who pacifies interpersonal conflicts in the office

It's relatively easy to hire brokers and administrative assistants. But it's almost impossible to hire an effective leader who understands you and your culture.

That's why we created a proven formula to develop an in-house leader for your independent commercial real estate brokerage.

We use this formula to develop your in-house leader who... 
  • ​Understands your culture
  • ​Shares your goals
  • Inspires your team
  • Holds individuals accountable 
  • ​Handles your daily operations